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Profile of hospital admissions and in-hospital mortality due to severe acute respiratory syndrome caused by COVID-19 in Piauí, Brazil: descriptive study, 2020-2021




COVID-19, Hospital Mortality, Respiration, Artificial, Critical Care Outcomes, Epidemiology, Descriptive


Objective: To describe the profile and temporal variation of hospital admissions and hospital mortality by severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) related to COVID-19 in Piauí, Brazil, according to the place of admission. Methods: We performed a descriptive study from the Influenza Surveillance Information System between epidemiological weeks 12/2020 and 12/2021. Hospital mortality was calculated with 95% Confidence Interval (95%CI). Results: The hospitalized patients were mostly male (57.1%), black (61.2%) and had one or two comorbidities (30.5%). Hospital mortality was higher in the interior with coefficients of 44.1% (95%CI 42.0;46.3) in hospitalized patients, 82.3% (95%CI 79.7;84.8) in intensive care units and 96.6% (95%CI 94.9;97.8) of those undergoing invasive mechanical ventilation.Conclusion: The study allowed the characterization of the profile of hospitalizations for SARS caused by COVID-19 in Piauí and demonstrated high in-hospital mortality, which remained high during the study period, especially in the interior.


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