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Big Data, Traceability and Information Asymmetries: Opacity, Interference and Democracy




digital economy, externalities, social welfare, democracy


This paper aims two goals: on the one hand, I will study the main characteristics of the different markets linked to electronic platforms and social networks. On the other hand, I will elaborate a function of social welfare to capture the positive and negative externalities produced by the development of these markets. I will highlight the information asymmetries that characterize the dynamics of these markets and study the implications linked to the opacity of this system. In a first part, I will highlight the main characteristics of the markets linked to this digital economy. In a second part, I will study this economy in relation to a specific welfare function. In a third part, I will show to what extent new forms of information asymmetries appear in these markets, and I will study the implications in terms of social welfare, emphasizing the economic, legal and political dimensions.


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Applied Social Sciences