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We’ll meet here: An ideological interpellation in the society of the spectacle




discourse analysis, media, self-promoting advertising, ideological interpellation


The present study aims to carry out a discursive and psychoanalytical analysis of Rede Globo’s (a Brazilian broadcasting corporation) self-promotion publicity through some institutional slogans. Self-promoting advertisement has always aimed to present the different broadcasting corporations in Brazil - that is, television in Brazil - as being representative of the country itself. In other words, as a mirror in which Brazil could, or should, see itself. On becoming the figure that fills the place of the Other in societies of the spectacle, television seeks strategies to (imaginarily) eliminate the distance of the subject in relation to the Other, thus reinforcing the illusion of the subjects’ autonomy. The slogan A gente se vê por aqui (We’ll meet here) is the slogan we elected to analyze in greater detail, to try to understand and interpret the effects of an ideological interpellation condensed the utterance in the specific scope of the societies of spectacle.


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Linguistic, literature and arts