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When she looked at the pandemic: one photograph, countless movies




Photograph, Health Status Disparity, Health Care, COVID-19, Syndemic


The sensory and affective impact of a photograph in a journalistic story can mitigate the headline's message and even the content of the report as a whole, with the potential to lead the reader to countless parallel stories. These stories can overlap with the theme explored by the media, but they can also expand to various other issues, memories, events, authors unveiling to the reader other situational layers that transcend the sphere of simple reading, conducting to reflexivity. This text, therefore, intends to reflect carefully on health inequities, especially in relation to the distribution of vaccines against COVID-19 on the planet, based on an image published by France Presse in an article about a day with a huge amount of application of doses of vaccine against COVID-19 in India.


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12/09/2021 — Updated on 01/10/2022



Health Sciences