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‘Reading’ according to technical high school students in the northeast of Brazil




discourses on reading, young reader, EAJ/UFRN, reader training


In this paper we aim to analyze reader representations of students from the Agricultural School of Jundiaí/Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte. They were identified through semi-structured interviews, to reflect on the social, cultural, and historical aspects that determine legitimate ways of being a reader as well as on the act of reading in general. Such ways are manifested and occasionally questioned through what these young people say about themselves as good or not so good readers. The readers are characterized by their spontaneous participation in a project that encourages reading and which is coordinated and developed by teachers in this institution. The qualitative analysis relies on the principles of discourse analysis, cultural history, and new literacy studies. Based on our analysis, we found that although they are indeed readers, not all of them see themselves as such. A better understanding of these discourses on reading, in the context of teaching, will help teachers deal with the impact of such discourses on the processes of identification of these young people with the reading practice.


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Linguistic, literature and arts