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Continuous intelligence

The 7th sapiens’ cognitive revolution




languages, technologies, cognition, exosomatization, contradictions


(This article is part of a project by Trans/Form/Ação: Unesp Philosophy Journal. It is the Authorial Philosophy Dossier, to be published in 2022.) My training in the field of languages -- musical, visual, and verbal was always marked by attention to the materiality of languages themselves and to the means how they are transmitted to allow their communicative functions. Since the phonatory system, installed in the body itself, these means constitute technologies that have evolved over the centuries, bringing with them new forms of languages, such as the different forms of writing, the Gutenberg galaxy and, from the 19th century onwards, the industrial, electronic, and digital revolutions, each introducing technologies of their own. When language issues are placed in the focus of attention, what matters, since the industrial revolution, is the advent of cognitive technologies, such as photography, cinema, followed by electronic technologies, radio and television, and, finally, the explosion of the digital revolution with all its new language forms and consequently of cognition, which today are distributed across the most different applications and platforms. The study of this evolution led me to postulate, based on the inspiration gathered from some authors, that human cognition is, since the first forms of writing, growing outside the human skull. Therefore, this is a proposal that concerns the exosomatization of human intelligence and cognition with all the contradictions that this brings. This article is dedicated to explaining this proposal with attention to the way it was developed in my work along the years.


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