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Aws S3 as a mechanism to recover from technological disasters in SMEs




Total cost of ownership, Platform as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service, Software as a service


Businesses store more and more information on their systems without being easily precise about their value and the ease with which they can lose it. From the physical damage of its servers, hard drives and storage media, such as other factors such as floods or electrical surges, to computer attacks, file hijacking or virus infections, simple falls or accidental or intentional deletion of data, there are many the causes of the loss of information by SMEs. Among the challenges that an SME faces in the face of a technological disaster is a direct impact on profits and the future of the business, on the reputation of the brand, legal problems with data protection regulations, direct direct costs, lack of availability and data accessibility. This article presents an overview of the most important concepts of Cloud Computing, showing the potential of the Amazon S3 low-cost storage service, makes a comparative comparison between a traditional deployment on premises and the storage service. S3 at the level of security, availability and costs, subsequently ends with the analysis of a case study using the financial model of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), as a tool for making decisions in technology projects and as a result provided a clear economic benefit to the opt for AWS S3 Cloud Storage Service.


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