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Oral manifestations present in patients with COVID-19 Scoping Review




Oral manifestations, Mouth mucosa, COVID-19


The new COVID-19 is caused by the SARS-CoV2 virus, which has a high affinity for the human ACE-2 receptor, those that are in high presence in the oral cavity. There have been various oral manifestations associated with COVID-19, however, the prevalence and etiology of these lesions is still unknown. The objective of the study is to determine in an updated way, the oral manifestations in patients with the disease, identifying type of basic lesion, associated pathology, location and prevalence. In this study the databases used were Scopus, MedLine and Web of Science. 28 articles were included in this review, which included a total of 591 patients with COVID-19 and oral manifestations. Finally, we determined that there are three types of general oral alterations: neurological, oral mucosa and glandular manifestations. The neurological are the most prevalent, followed by those of the oral mucosa and finally the glandular ones. About location, the sites where it is most common to find basic lesions are the tongue and lips.


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