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Psychological violence against women practiced by an intimate partner: a cross-sectional study in a rural area of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, 2017




Violence Against Women, Intimate Partner Violence, Epidemiology, Rural Population, Cross-Sectional Studies


Objective: To estimate the prevalence and factors associated with psychological violence against women practiced by an intimate partner in a rural area in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, in 2017. Methods: Cross-sectional population-based study with women aged 18-49 years and who having had intimate partner in their lives. Questions from the World Health Organization Violence Against Women Study were applied. Poisson regression was used to estimate prevalence ratios (PR) and 95% confidence intervals (95%CI). Results: 971 women participated, being 17.2% (95%CI 14.9;19.7) the prevalence of lifetime psychological violence. Those diagnosed with depression in life (PR=2.23 – 95%CI 1.70;2.91) and who had consumed alcohol in the last week were more likely to refer lifetime psychological violence (PR=1.53 – 95%CI 1.07;2.17). Single women were more likely to experience psychological violence in their lives than married women (PR=1.86 – 95%CI 1.32;2.63). Conclusion: Psychological violence against woman was present in rural areas, related with mental health damages and alcohol use.


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