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Heroines in Covid-19 times: nursing visibility in the pandemic




Coronavirus infections, Pandemics, Nursing, Social media


Objective: To analyze the visibility of Nursing workers through images, which circulated in the media during the Covid-19.
Methods: Cultural analysis that aims to articulate the image and its effects with theories from authors in the field of Cultural Studies.
Results: Six figures were selected in which nurses are portrayed as heroines to fight Covid-19 and are promoted as an adjunct to the main character, combining the care strategy with the scientific discourse of the social isolation. The images portray them as women who face labor suffering from strenuous work and prolonged use of personal protective equipment.
Final considerations: The pandemic, has highlighted speeches relates to health work, where we see images of nurses as heroines who organize chaos and bring order to the “front line”, making the idealization of Nursing visible.


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