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Covid-19 pandemic: experiences of mothers of infants who were born prematures




Coronavirus infections, Mothers, Infant, premature


Objective: To learn the experiences of mothers of infants who were born premature in the pandemic of Covid-19.
Method: Qualitative study based on the Bioecological Theory of Human Development, developed in a public maternity hospital in Paraíba, Brazil, between June and July 2020 with 21 mothers of infants who were born premature, through semi-structured interview. The data were submitted to inductive thematic analysis.
Results: Mothers know the measures for prevention, transmission and symptoms of the disease, as reported in the media, but have different perceptions about social isolation. Their experiences were permeated by financial difficulties, reduced social support and emotional stress.
Final considerations: It is recommended to monitor child health and provide social support to the mother-child binomial remotely, so that there is no break in the continuity of the bond and care for the family in this moment of vulnerability.


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