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Health care for people with diabetes and hypertension in Brazil: cross-sectional study of Program to Improve Access and Quality of Primary Care, 2014




Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension, Multimorbidity, Primary Health Care, Health Services Research


Objective: To assess care for people with diabetes and hypertension, comparing the primary health care teams according to their participation in cycles I and II of the Access and Quality Improvement Program (PMAQ) and to verify the association with characteristics of users and municipalities. Methods: Cross-sectional study with data from the PMAQ, in 2014. We used data on team organization, request for exams and services received as reported by users. Results: 35% of the teams presented adequate organization and 88% requested all exams. Among users, 31% reported having their feet examined and 18% reported having received proper care. Municipalities in the Southeast, with more than 300 thousand inhabitants and the highest Human Development Index, presented better indicators. The teams participating in cycles I and II showed better prevalence of organization and ordering of exams. Conclusion: Care for people with diabetes and hypertension in the basic health network in Brazil needs improvement.


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