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Evolution of individual registrations in SISAB from the new financing of Primary Care: A descriptive study


  • Síntique Priscila Alves Lopes Universidade Federal da Bahia
  • Marcela Beatriz Aguiar Moreira Fundação Estatal Saúde da Família - FESF-SUS
  • Michele Alcântara de Almeida Fundação Estatal Saúde da Família - FESF-SUS
  • Juliana de Sousa Araújo Unime Salvador
  • Laís Gomes Martins Figueiredo Unime Salvador
  • Bianca Lis Souza Araújo Unime Salvador
  • Maria Cristina Teixeira Cangussu Universidade Federal da Bahia



Primary Health Care, Health Financial Resources, Healthcare Financing


It is understood that the new financing of Primary Care through Previne Brasil instituted in November 2019, implied the need for individual registrations as a premise for transferring resources to the municipalities. In the meantime, it is noteworthy that this study aims to highlight the evolution of the number of individual registrations of e-SUS AB among the Northeastern states in the period between the third quarter of 2019 (2019Q3) and the third quarter of 2020 (2020Q3). This is a descriptive cross-sectional study of a quantitative nature, based on secondary data collected from the Primary Care Information System between February and March 2021. When analyzing the results, the state that showed the greatest evolution in the number of registrations was Bahia with a percentage equivalent to 7.12%, while only Ceará showed no growth in the number of registrations. The other states in the Northeast region did not show an increase of more than 4%. After one year of implementation of the Program, it was observed that the evolution of the registrations is still incipient, and new investigations are needed with the municipalities in order to identify strategies to increase individual registrations and therefore maintain the cost of Primary Health Care.


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Lopes, S. P. A., Moreira , M. B. A. ., Almeida , M. A. de, Araújo , J. de S. ., Figueiredo , L. G. M. ., Araújo, B. L. S. . ., & Cangussu, M. C. T. . (2021). Evolution of individual registrations in SISAB from the new financing of Primary Care: A descriptive study. In SciELO Preprints.


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