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Use of health services and associated factors, among students at the Federal University of Pelotas, Brazil: cross-sectional study, 2018




Accesibilidad a los Servicios de Salud, Estudiantes, Sistema Único de Salud, Promoción de la Salud, Necesidades y Demandas de Servicios de Salud, Estudios Transversales


Objective: To analyze the use of health services and their associated factors by university students. Methods: Cross-sectional study applied to a sample of 2.708 students at the Federal University of Pelotas between November 2017 and July 2018. Results: Of the 1,865 individuals included, 55.8% used health services in the last 12 months, 39.3% used specialized services, and 22.6% used health centers; 45.9% used services financed by the Unified Health System (UHS); 49.1% used it for prevention. There was greater use among females (prevalence ratio, PR=1.34 – IC95%1.23;1.46) and people with health needs (PR=1.51 – IC95%1.40;1.63). More UHS financing was showed with health center (83.0% [IC95%77.3;87.5]), urgent care (81.3% [IC95%73.2;87.5]) e pronto atendimento (83,6% [76,2;89,0]). Conclusion: The analysis indicated that women and people in need use health services more and that UHS is the main provider of services.


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Health Sciences