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List of priority congenital anomalies for surveillance under the Brazilian Information System on Live Births




Congenital Abnormalities, Health Services, Information Systems, Epidemiological Monitoring, Directory


Objective: To define the list of priority congenital anomalies for improving the registration in the Brazilian Live Birth Information System (Sinasc). Methods: Based on International Classification of Diseases, Tenth Revision (ICD-10), internation protocols and meetings with specialists, the list of priority anomalies was built considering two main criteria: being diagnosable at birth and having intervention available at different levels. The list was submitted for consideration by the Brazilian Society of Medical Genetics and Genomics. Results: The list comprised eight groups of congenital anomalies distributed according to the type of anomaly related, as well as the affect body part, all of which were related to some code of chapter XVII of ICD-10. Conclusion: The list of priority congenital anomalies for notification provides subsidies for improving registration at Sinasc.


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