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Factors associated with notification of noise-induced hearing loss in Brazil, 2013-2015: an ecological study




Hearing Loss, Noise-Induced, Health Information Systems, Public Health Surveillance, Occupational Health, Ecological Studies


Objective: To investigate factors associated with the notification of noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) in Brazil’s Notifiable Diseases Information System. Methods: Ecological study to estimate the proportion of municipalities that notified NIHL. Logistic regression models were conducted to identify associated factors. Results: Between 2013-2015, 277 (5.0%) municipalities notified NIHL. This notification was more common among municipalities with coverage by a Worker Health Referral Centre (CEREST) (OR=1.62 – 95%CI 1.02;2.59) or that hosted a CEREST in their territory (OR=4.37 – 95CI% 2.75;6.93), within a shorter distance to the state capital (OR=1.43 – 95%IC 1.06;1.92) and having a high human development index (OR=2.35 – 95%CI 1.16;4.75). Among the municipalities located in a Cerest coverage area, notification was more common when there was a Speech-Language-Hearing professional in the team (OR=1.96 – 95%CI – 1.47;2.63) and a low turnover of professionals (OR=1.88 – 95%CI 1.40;2.52). Conclusion: Contextual factors influence NIHL notification, particularly the existence and qualification of CEREST. 


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