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The genus Amorphophallus Blume ex Decne (Araceae) in Cuba




Thomsonieae, Aroideae, flora of Cuba, flora of Camagüey, exotic plants


Background: The presence in different Cuban cities of plants of Amorphophallus Blume ex Decne (Araceae), of whose cultivation in the country succinct and little explicit evidence was found in the scientific literature, motivated a study from a systematic, phytogeographic and ethnobotanical point of view.

Objective: To reveal the nomenclature, taxonomy, phenotypic characterization, differences with related taxa, distribution and utility of the representatives of Amorphophallus Blume ex Decne currently cultivated in Cuba, outside botanical collections.

Methods: Specimens represented in the gardens of the city of Camagüey were studied using methods such as work with collections, comparison with descriptors and keys, as well as scientific description and illustration.

Results:The presence in Cuba of the genus Amorphophallus Blume ex Decne is confirmed, of which the presence of three species is commented: A. paeoniifolius (Dennst.) Nicolson, A. konjac K. Koch and A. titanum (Becc.) Becc. ex Arcang. Clarifications on the nomenclature are established, the genus and two of the species are described, while the analytical key is updated to differentiate the genera of Araceae present in the country and another is offered to differentiate the two described species. Aspects related to its usefulness, proven or potential, are discussed from the foodand medicinal perspective and for the nutritional enrichment of the soil.

Conclusions: Amorphophallus Blume ex Decne, denoted by A. paeoniifolius (Dennst.) Nicolson and A. konjac K. Koch, given its frequent ornamental cultivation in Cuba, must henceforth be included in catalogs and specialized publications dedicated to the flora of the country. Potentialities for a sustainable management of the species are identified.


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