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Adaptation of the stomatherapy service during the Covid-19 pandemic: experience report


  • Ana Karina Silva da Rocha Tanaka UFRGS
  • Rosaura Soares Paczek HCPA
  • Bruna Noschang de Brum UFRGS
  • Daniela Trintinaia Brito UFRGS
  • Elaine Maria Alexandre Prefeitura Municipal de Porto Alegre
  • Alessandra Garcia de Figueiredo Agostini Prefeitura Municipal de Porto Alegre



Coronavirus infections, Primary Health Care, Public health, Adaptation, Pandemics


Objective: To report the experience of adapting the stomatherapy service during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Method: Experience report related to adaptations in the work routine in times of Covid-19 pandemic, from March to May 2020 in a reference center in stomatherapy in a city in the southern region of Brazil.
Results: The work routines were adapted to suit the protection measures for servers and users who used stomatherapy services. Some assistance processes were implemented to make users' access to care more flexible, and to modify routines to increase the safety of health professionals and users.
Conclusion: The need to adapt the physical area, rethink the dynamics of care, use of personal protective equipment, guidance for servers and patients was of fundamental importance to follow the service to the population safely in times of pandemic.
Keywords: Coronavirus infections. Primary Health Care. Pandemics. Public health. Adaptation.


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