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Frequency and factors associated with unspecified deaths due to external causes in Brazil: cross-sectional study, 2017




Forensic Medicine, Cause of Death, External Causes, Data Accuracy, Information Systems, Cross-Sectional Studies


Objective: To analyze the frequency and factors associated with the unspecified record of deaths from external causes in Brazil. Methods: Cross-sectional study of data from Mortality Information System, 2017. Univariate logistic regression was used to obtain odds ratios (OR) and confidence intervals (95%CI) of unspecified record by the explanation variables – (hospital deaths and certified by coroners). Results: Brazil registered 159,720 deaths from external causes; there were 38.9% of hospital occurrences, 83.4% certified by coroners and 21.7% of unspecified causes. Factors associated with the registration of unspecified external causes were hospital death (OR=2.00 – 95%CI 1.96;2.05) and the coroner's certification (OR=1.08 – 95%CI 1.04;1.11). Conclusion: The unspecified external cause in hospital death is greater than that of coroners' certification.


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