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Experience in a rehabilitation center for mastectomized women at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic


  • Rocío Zúñiga-Tapia UDEC
  • Marislei Sanches Panobianco USP
  • Maria Antonieta Spinoso Prado USP
  • Patricia Cid Henríquez UDEC



Women's health, Breast neoplasms, Comprehensive health care, Coronavirus infections, Mastectomy


Objective: Describe the experience lived in an interdisciplinary follow-up care center for mastectomized women in a public university in Sao Paulo during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Method: Experience report on the health care provided in the health center for mastectomized women.
Results: The health care was provided three times a week by an interdisciplinary health team. The areas of care for women at the centre were physical, psychological, social support; health education and support during the pandemic.
Conclusions: The attention by an interdisciplinary team becomes prevalent in the care of mastectomized women, since cancer and its treatment produce various changes in women's lives in the short and long term, so follow-up and support must be biopsychosocial, covering all areas that may be affected, especially during the pandemic.
Keywords: Women's health. Breast neoplasms. Mastectomy. Comprehensive health care. Coronavirus infections.


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2021-01-12 — Updated on 2021-01-14



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