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Nursing and “being with” in a world with covid-19: an existentialist look




Nursing, Existentialism, Coronavirus infections


Objective: To reflect nursing from an existentialist perspective, in which "being-with" has been shown to be the best care in the world with Covid-19.
Method: Reflective theoretical study on nursing in the context of a pandemic under an existentialist philosophical theoretical framework.
Results: Nursing is now perceived by society as a profession whose practices are beyond the clinical conditions that affect individuals who live with this pandemic, as taking care of others is not only printing technical actions, but, fundamentally, sensitive, like “being with” in a present and authentic way.
Final considerations: The pandemic has caused changes in the way human beings relate to the world, causing reflection on values due to the restrictions imposed by it. In this scenario, nursing becomes visible, being the protagonist in the different care spaces, as the focus of its practice is existential care, which is established through relationships in encounters between beings, thus enabling “being with ”.
Keywords: Nursing. Existentialism. Coronavirus infections.




Health Sciences