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Aging and disability in Brazil: sociodemographic and care characteristics of the elderly and caregivers


  • Roger Flores Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina
  • Luiza Jane Eyre de Souza Vieira Universidade de Fortaleza
  • Christina César Praça Brasil Universidade de Fortaleza
  • Konrad Soares UFRGS
  • Virgínia de Menezes Portes UFSC
  • Carlos Alberto Severo Garcia Júnior UFSC
  • Ione Jayce Ceola Schneider UFSC
  • Antonio Augusto Ferreira



Aging, Frail Elderly, Caregivers, Health of the Elderly


The article aims to identify sociodemographic and care characteristics of dependent elderly, formal and family caregivers in municipalities in different Brazilian regions. A cross-sectional study was carried out with a sample of 175 people, with 64 elderly people, 27 formal caregivers and 84 family caregivers. Semi-structured interviews were conducted, with specific questions for each group on the theme of care and dependence. Most of the elderly were female, aged 80 years or older, with low education and dependent for four years or more. The elderly reported feelings of loneliness, pointed out difficulties in medical care and 29% had access only to Primary Health Care actions. Among family caregivers, inequalities, burden, illnesses and social problems were found. Among the formal, the female gender predominated, black race, without legal employment, little or no training for the function and low remuneration; care was associated with domestic chores. It is concluded that gender and race inequalities persist in the care of elderly people in a situation of dependency. It was also observed that the rigidity of the social roles attributed to men and women in Brazil persist in the family and work dynamics in caring for the dependent elderly.


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Roger Flores, Vieira, L. J. E. de S., Brasil, C. C. P., Soares, K. ., Portes, V. de M. ., Garcia Júnior, C. A. S., Schneider, I. J. C., & Antonio Augusto Ferreira. (2020). Aging and disability in Brazil: sociodemographic and care characteristics of the elderly and caregivers. In SciELO Preprints.


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