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Reactions and feelings of health professionals in the care of hospitalized patients with suspected covid-19


  • Ana Claudia Ramos De Paula UNIOESTE
  • Aline Graziela Deneka Carletto UNIOESTE
  • Daniele Lopes UNIOESTE
  • Joabe Candido Ferreira HUOP
  • Nelsi Salete Tonini UNIOESTE
  • Sara Priscila Carvalho Trecossi HUOP



Emotions, Coronavirus infections, Patient care team, Health personnel


Objective: To understand the reactions and feelings of professionals in the frontline of care for inpatients with suspected COVID-19.
Method: Qualitative approach study with 19 health team professionals from a teaching hospital located in the hinterland of the state of Paraná. Data were collected in March and April 2020. For data analysis, content analysis was used.
Results: Of all professionals, 89.5% were female, 57.8% were between 20 and 30 years old. The following emotions and feelings were highlighted by the content analysis: Motivation; willingness to contribute; feelings of fear, anxiety; obligation; preoccupation with death; sadness; discrimination; isolation; prejudice; uncertainty; and doubts about the future.
Conclusion: The research showed workers' reactions/feelings, which were ambivalent both as a motivating impulse and as self-care, such as in the case of isolation/fear in coping with COVID-19.
Keywords: Emotions. Coronavirus infections. Patient care team. Health personnel.


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