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Lethality and characteristics of deaths due to COVID-19 in Rondônia: an observational study




Epidemiology, Descriptive, Mortality, Age Groups, Sex Distribution, Race Factors, COVID-19


Objective: To describe the characteristics of deaths due to COVID-19 in the state of Rondônia. Methods: Descriptive study, with data from the Computerization Strategy System of the Unified Health System Epidemiological Surveillance (E-SUS-VE, notified between January 1 and August 20, 2020. Statistical tests (Chi-square and Marascuilo procedure) were applied, considering as significant differences when the tests presented p-value < 0.05. Results: 184,146 suspected cases were reported, of which 49,804 were confirmed as COVID-19, and 1,020 died (lethality 2.1%). Statistically significant differences were observed between age groups and lethality (p-value <0.001); higher lethality the older the age (Marascuilo procedure, significant in the comparison between over 60 years with the other age groups); higher death in males (lethality of 2.7%); and higher lethality among black people (3.0%). Conclusion: In Rondônia, there was greater lethality among the elderly, men and brown and black people.




Health Sciences