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Context of nursing work in the Covid-19 pandemic and repercussions for the mental health of workers




Nursing, Coronavirus, Coronavirus infections, Pandemics, Occupational Health, Work, Mental health



Objective: To reflect on the work context of nursing professionals in the Covid-19 pandemic and the repercussions for these professionals' mental health.

Method: It is a reflective theoretical study with two thematic axes: i) Pandemic by Covid-19: epidemiological picture, manifestations and preventive measures; ii) Job insecurity in times of pandemic and impacts on the worker's mental health.

Results: The Covid-19 pamdemy made explicit the reflexes of precariousness in the health sector. For example, the psychological suffering of nursing workers due to the scarcity of individual protective equipment, the fragility in the description of the protocols and the flows to the hospital was evidenced. effective infection control, prolonged working hours, inadequate professional training for the crisis scenario and uncertainties in relation to therapeutic measures.

Conclusion: The present article brings to light the aggravation of a scenario that raises the potential for negative impact on the mental health of nursing workers

Key words: Nursing. Coronavirus. Coronavirus infections. Pandemics. Occupational Health. Work. Mental health


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