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Oral health work process: disparity between teams in Brazil, 2014




Oral Health, Public Health Dentistry, Primary Health Care, Health Evaluation, Cross-Sectional Studies


Objective: To compare the Oral Health Teams (OHT) modalities I and II regarding performance in the work process and differences between Brazilian regions. Methods: Cross-sectional study with data from the OHT that joined to the National Program for Improving Access and Quality in Primary Care (2013/2014). Latent Class Analysis identified subgroups of OHT according to performance (consolidated, developing or incipient) in the work process (action planning, health promotion actions and integral health care). OHT modalities were compared and the Disparity Index was obtained. Results: 15,886 OHT participated. OHT modality II showed a higher percentage of consolidated work process in Southeast (67.8% to 94.6%) and South (54.8% to 93.0%) regions. Disparity in the consolidated work process was greater between OHT modality II (6.3 a 26.5) compared to I (3.9 a 18.4). Conclusion: OHT modality II has the potential to obtain better performance regarding the work process, but there was a regional disparity.


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