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Elaboration and validation of a protocol for safe administration of enteral nutrition in hospitalized patients


  • Andréia Barcellos Teixeira Macedo HCPA
  • Michelli Cristina Silva de Assis HCPA
  • Kelly Cristina Milioni HCPA
  • Débora Francisco Canto HCPA
  • Celia Mariana Barbosa Martins HCPA
  • Enaura Helena Brandão Chaves UFRGS



Protocols, Enteral nutrition, Nursing care


Objective: To describe the elaboration and validation of a protocol for administration of enteral nutrition.

Method: Validation study by consensus of experts conducted in a university hospital. The construction took place after literature review. The validation was guided by the tool: plan, do, study and act. For validation of the final protocol, 100% consensus was considered. After implementation, preceded by training, evaluation was carried out by using indicators.

Results: The protocol describes the actions that guide the nursing team in enteral nutrition. In the validation, there was a 100% consensus on the protocol items. The presential training brought together 425 participants in 80 meetings. After the pilot period, the rate of care for patients with enteral nutrition increased from 39.5% to 73.3%. There was a reduction of 41 hours in the time to release the X-ray report.

Conclusion: The protocol provided elements for the prevention of adverse events in patients with enteral nutrition.

Keywords: Protocols. Enteral nutrition. Nursing care.



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