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COVID-19: sectional study of suspected cases admitted to a federal hospital in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and factors associated with hospital death




Coronavirus Infections, Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, Hospital Mortality, Epidemiology, Pandemics, Cross-Sectional Studies


Objective: To describe the clinical-epidemiological profile of suspected cases of COVID-19 admitted to a federal hospital in Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil, and to identify factors associated with death. Methods: Cross-sectional study using data from local epidemiological surveillance until epidemiological week 27 of 2020 and logistic regression. Results: 376 suspected hospitalized cases of COVID-19 were included; 52.9% were women, 57.4% were 50 years old or above and 80.1% exhibited comorbidities. COVID-19 was confirmed in 51.9%. Confirmed cases had higher lethality (37.9%) than discarded cases (24.2%). In the adjusted analysis, lethality in confirmed cases was higher for the 50-69 age group (OR=11.65 – 95%CI 1.69;80.33), 70 years or older group (OR=8.43 – 95%CI 1.22;58.14), presence of neoplasia (OR=4.34 – 95%CI 1.28;14.76) and use of invasive ventilatory support (OR=70.20 - 95%CI 19.09;258.19). Conclusion: Higher mortality was associated with older individuals, neoplasia and invasive ventilatory support.


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