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Through the COVID-19 magnifying glass: an examination of disparities in the Brazilian capitals




COVID-19, epidemics, socioeconomic factors, Health Status Disparities


Introduction: To identify the correlation socioeconomic and health indicators with the progress of the COVID-19 epidemic in Brazilian capitals. Methods: Ecological study with cases data confirmed by COVID-19 registered from March to June/2020, Municipal Human Development Index, Gross Domestic Product per capita, percentage of households in subnormal agglomerates and Infant Mortality Rate. The advance of the epidemic was characterized by the growth of cases, and their correlation by Pearson's correlation matrix. Results: Was observed the growing increase trend of COVID-19 in all Brazil’s capitals. The incidence in March was higher in the capitals of the Southeast and in the other months in the North. The mortality rate was higher in Southeast’s capitals in the first three months and, in June, the rate of North’s capital is equals to the Southeast. Greater growth in COVID-19 cases was observed in the capitals of the North and Northeast in all the periods evaluated. This growth showed a positive correlation with the Infant Mortality Rate (r=0,609; p<0,001) and negative correlation with Municipal Human Development Index (r=-0,511; p=0,007). Conclusions: These findings signal regional differentials that act as a condition for the dynamics of COVID-19. The epidemic has been a magnifying glass for inequalities in the country, exposing historical inequities in the health of the brazilian population. The recognition of this scenario of inequalities in the dynamics of transmission COVID-19 offers a targeting for proposing measures that impact the social determinants and the urban environment.


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Dayrell, A., Cristina de Souza Andrade , A. ., Leandro Machado , E. ., Lúcia Meireles , A. ., Silva Magalhães , A. ., do Prado Ribeiro , E., & Teixeira Caiaffa , W. (2020). Through the COVID-19 magnifying glass: an examination of disparities in the Brazilian capitals . In SciELO Preprints.


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