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Sources of access and medication use in rural area of Pelotas, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, in 2016: cross-sectional population-based study




Health Surveys, Rural Area, Rural Health, Pharmacoepidemiology, Pharmaceutical Services, Drug Utilization


Objective. To analyze the prevalence of medication use, sources of access, and associated factors among rural residents in Pelotas, RS, Brazil. Methods. Cross-sectional study with adults ≥18 years, in 2016. Participants reported on the use and sources of access to medication used in the month prior to the interview. Poisson regression was used. Results. Among the 1,519 respondents, 54.7% (95%CI 48.7;60.5) used some medication and 3.3% (95%CI 2.4;4.5) didn’t use some necessary medication. Higher prevalence of use occurred in: women (PR=1.23 – 95%CI 1.12;1.34), the elderly (PR=2.36 – 95%CI 2.05;2.73), worse self-perception of health (PR=1.29 – 95%CI 1.14;1.46) and higher number of diseases (PR=2.37 – 95%CI 2.03;2.77). A total of 14.0% (95%CI 11.2;17.4) obtained medications exclusively from Health System and the prevalence was higher among those who self-declared non-white and from lower economic classes. Conclusion. A small portion indicated that they didn’t use necessary medications. Free obtaining was higher in groups with lower income.


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