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Congenital anomalies from the health surveillance perspective: compilation of a list based on ICD-10


  • João Matheus Bremm Universidade Federal do Rio Grande Sul
  • Augusto César Cardoso-dos-Santos Universidade Federal do Rio Grande Sul
  • Vivyanne Santiago Magalhães Ministério da Saúde
  • Ana Cláudia Medeiros-de-Souza Ministério da Saúde
  • Ronaldo Fernandes Santos Alves Ministério da Saúde
  • Valdelaine Etelvina Miranda de Araujo Ministério da Saúde
  • Eduardo Marques Macario Ministério da Saúde
  • Wanderson Kleber de Oliveira Ministério da Saúde
  • Lavínia Schüler-Faccini Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul
  • Maria Teresa Vieira Sanseverino Universidade Federal do Rio Grande Sul
  • Giovanny Vinícius Araújo de França Universidade Federal do Rio Grande Sul



Congenital Abnormalities, Rare diseases, nternational Classification of Diseases, Epidemiological Monitoring


Objective. Propose a list of congenital anomalies with corresponding codes in the tenth revision of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD), aiming at application in the scope of health surveillance. Methods. In December 2019, the following sources were searched: ICD-10, ICD-11, abnormalities monitored by three surveillance programs, and a database of rare diseases (Orphanet). The Abnormalities were extracted from these data sources, processed based on the ICD-10 and compiled with manual review. Results. 898 codes were identified, of which 619 (68.3%) were in Chapter XVII of ICD-10. Of the 279 codes in other chapters, 19 were exclusive of the ICD-11 search, 72 of the surveillance programs, 79 of the Orphanet and 36 of the ICD-10 search for terms. Conclusion. The codes contained in chapter XVII of ICD-10 do not capture the totality of congenital anomalies, indicating the need of adopting of an expanded list.


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Health Sciences