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Tuberculosis cases with post mortem notification in Brazil, 2014: a descriptive study based on surveillance data




Tuberculosis, Disease Notification, Descriptive Epidemiology, Mortality, Information Systems


Objective. To characterize cases with post-mortem notification of Tuberculosis in Brazil, in 2014. Methods. This is a descriptive study of tuberculosis cases with post-mortem notification. Data were resulted from the linkage of the Notifiable Diseases Information System-TB (Sinan-TB) and the Mortality Information System (SIM); and were described according to the underlying cause of death: TB, AIDS and others. Results. 2,703 tuberculosis cases had post-mortem notification in Brazil in 2014. There were a high proportion of male (73.5%), age over 39(80.8%), <8 years of education (66.5%), black & brown ethnicity (62.8%), pulmonary clinic form (75.2%), notified by public health service (57.6%) and from municipalities with MHDI >0.7 (66.6%). Conclusion. The described characteristics of people with post-mortem notification and the magnitude of this outcome suggest weaknesses in tuberculosis care and surveillance services.


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