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Covid-19 - An effective municipal coordination and articulation exercise: the Niterói experience




COVID-19, intersectorality, Collective Health, Unified Health System, Management Health System


This article aims to present an experience of the City of Niterói regarding the creation and coordination of coping actions in COVID-19. The planning and implementation of the different strategies was based on intersectorality as the transversal management line, considering, based on the impact factors of the pandemic on the population, not only the one-dimensional aspect of responsibility of the clinical studies of COVID-19, but with the treatment vulnerability conditions, socioeconomic impacts of mitigation measures and social determinants of health. For such, the construction of an intersectoral management model with the creation of a Crisis Office formed by representatives of different secretaries, resulted in actions that aimed to respond to the specific needs of life, without continuous communication with a population in order to guarantee access with information and support of society, a central factor in monitoring mitigation measures.


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