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Time trend and spatial distribution of traffic accidents mortality – Piauí, Brazil, 2000-2017




Accidents, Traffic, Time Series Studies, Mortality, Health Information Systems


Objective. To analyze the time trend and spatial distribution of traffic accidents (TA) mortality in Piauí, from 2000 to 2017. Methods. An ecological time series study was conducted with Mortality Information System (SIM) data, on TA mortality in population resident of the Piauí, according to sex, age groups and municipality. Was used the Prais-Winsten regression. Results. 14,396 deaths were recorded, with mortality rate per 100,000 inhabitants of 13.9 in 2000 and 30.6 in 2017. There was a significant increase in the mortality rate for TA (annual percent change [APC] of 6.4% 95%CI 4.3;8.7), higher among motorcyclists (APC=14.7% 95%CI 9.7;20.0) and among vehicles occupants (APC=15.2 95%CI 10.5;20.2). Conclusion. There was significant increase in TA mortality in Piauí, especially among motorcyclists and vehicles occupants. Actions are needed to promote road safety and to prevent deaths in traffic.


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