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Mortality in patients admitted to hospital by COVID-19 in Espírito Santo, Brazil, 2020




Coronavirus Infections, Hospitalization, Health Status Disparities, Cross-Sectional Studies, Epidemics


Objective. To analyze the factors associated with COVID-19 mortality in individuals admitted to hospitals in Espírito Santo, Brazil. Methods. Cross-sectional study. Logistic regression models estimated an association of mortality with sociodemographic, clinical and hospitalization characteristics. Results. Until May 14, 2020, 200 individuals were discharged and 220 died. Of the total number of people studied, 57.1% were male, 46.4% >60 years old, 57.9% notified by a private institution, and 61.7% had >1 comorbidity. Regarding mortality, the age groups from 51 to 60 years old (odds ratio, OR=4.33 – 95%CI 1.50;12.46) and over 60 years (OR=11.84 – 95%CI 4.31;32.54), the notifying institution (OR=8,23 – 95%CI 4.84;13.99) and the number of comorbidities (two [OR=2.74 – 95%CI 1.40;5.34] and three [OR=2,90 – 95%CI 1.07;7.81]). Conclusion. The analysis points to a worsening of the death episode in older individuals, with comorbidities and users of public hospitals.


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