Preprint / Version 1

Government Management, Higher Education, Science, Innovation, and Local Development




Covid-19, science, local development, higher education, government, innovation


Objective: To explore two types of government actions in order to encourage science-government ties that include the important role of universities. Methods: Research-action, supported by document review, surveys, interviews, expert opinion, and workshops. Based on international experience, two key factors that have affected decentralization and local development were identified. Accordingly, there is a need to stimulate the creation of local capacities. Main results: The actions developed by higher education in the last decade, and the government visits to territories since 2018 were discussed. Conclusions: The position achieved by higher education as a relevant actor in processes of production, diffusion, and use of knowledge demanded by local development is outstanding. Generally, higher education has become a key allied of governments in terms of strategic management of local development. Government visits are presented as promising actions that promote university ties with national and local actors, and foster innovating dynamics locally.


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Applied Social Sciences