Become an ASAPbio crowd preprint reviewer and support public feedback on preprints


By ASAPbio

Following our successful trial last year, we are thrilled to announce that ASAPbio will pursue crowd preprint review activities in 2022. Join us in supporting public feedback on preprints by becoming a crowd preprint reviewer!

We are expanding the activities to include different disciplines. In addition, we are delighted to collaborate with SciELO Preprints to also include the review of preprints in Portuguese. This year our crowd preprint review activities will cover:

  • Cell biology preprints from bioRxiv (English)
  • Biochemistry preprints from bioRxiv (English)
  • Infectious diseases preprints from SciELO Preprints (Portuguese)

For each discipline, we will coordinate a group of researchers interested in contributing feedback (‘the crowd’) and will circulate a paper weekly to the crowd, inviting comments over the following 14 days. Crowd members can then comment on the full paper or parts of the study, commenting will take place via a private collaborative Google document. After the commenting period, a collective synthesis of the comments will be posted as a public review on the preprint and also added to Sciety. You can read more about crowd preprint review and how we will interact with crowd reviewers at

The activities will run for three months starting in mid May. We hope that this format will encourage broad participation in preprint feedback, particularly by early career researchers who are often underrepresented in journal review. 

Get involved!

Join our crowd preprint review activities to develop your reviewing skills and help us build trust in preprints. We invite cell biologists, biochemists and researchers in infectious diseases to sign up for participation as crowd preprint reviewers.

Sign up as a crowd preprint reviewer

If you are an author of a preprint, please signal your interest in receiving feedback on your work by adding a comment on the preprint or by posting on Twitter with the hashtag #FeedbackASAP.

Read more about our crowd preprint review and check for updates at

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